The Full Monty Mentorship

Everything it takes to turn your early draft into a well-written and polished book, ready for publication.

Only available for full-length manuscripts between 70,000-100,000 words.

from $5,000

Up to 2 years duration

Manuscript assessment

Targeted mentoring

3 rounds of editing


Book description

Cover design consultation*

Formatting for ebook and print*

Unlimited coaching via email and Zoom*

*Services only available with The Full Monty Mentorship package.

One of the biggest perks of taking the traditional publishing route is the opportunity to work closely with a professional editor to bring your manuscript to publication. If you’ve chosen to self-publish, this may well be the one element of traditional publishing you are loath to sacrifice.

But why should you?

Investing in The Full Monty Mentorship means you don’t have to sacrifice a thing! You get to maintain control over your publishing journey yet still benefit from the knowledge and expertise of an experienced industry professional.

What’s included?

In the table below, I’ve outlined the mentorship’s inclusions and their values based on the manuscript’s total word count to give you an example of what you would pay if you were commissioning each of these services separately. Of course, no value can be placed on the coaching you’ll receive during the course of the mentorship!

Inclusion75k words85k words95k words
Manuscript Assessment$900$1,020$1,140
Targeted Mentoring$100$100$100
Developmental Editing$1,500$1,700$1,900
Structural Editing$2,100$2,380$2,660
Book Description$150$150$150
Cover Design Consultation$100$100$100
Formatting $200$200$200
Unlimited CoachingPricelessPricelessPriceless
Total Value$7,150$8,030$8,910
Value of The Full Monty Mentorship package

How much does the mentorship cost?

When you invest in The Full Monty Mentorship, you won’t pay the fees above. In the following table, I’ve outlined the cost of the package according to the manuscript’s total word count prior to submission, along with the amount you’ll save by paying for everything upfront.

Word Count70-79k words80-89k words90-99k words
COST OF PACKAGE$5,000$5,500$6,000
You save . . . $2,150$2,530$2,910
Cost and savings of The Fully Monty Mentorship according to the manuscript’s word count

Is there an application process?

Due to the potentially extensive duration of this mentorship and the close working relationship we will need to establish, a brief (and painless, I promise!) application process will be conducted to ensure we are a good fit. I will review a portion of your manuscript and conduct an informal interview with you via Zoom. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions too, and once we’re both confident the partnership will be a productive and enjoyable one, we can move forward with formalising the arrangement.

After that, it’ll be all systems go! We’ll set goals and establish an achievable editing schedule, then begin the process of shaping and polishing your manuscript into the book of your dreams. You are free to contact me anytime about the project or your progress — because unlimited coaching! There are no hidden fees or additional costs; I’ll be in your corner and available to support you whenever you need it.

What isn’t included in this mentorship?

I’m not a cover designer, so I can’t provide you with a cover. But design consultation is included; we’ll discuss genre trends and how these can be applied to represent your story. I’ll assist you in the search for a designer and coach you through the process of putting together a design brief. Once you receive the designer’s drafted concepts, I can consult with you on whether changes need to be made, or if we need to revisit the brief. This service is optional, of course, but it’s one I provide to my traditionally published authors, so if you wish to benefit from my knowledge in this area, I’m more than happy to assist.

Publication and marketing are also not included. Once I deliver your final formatted files, it’s up to you to publish and promote your product. This mentorship is all about providing you with the support and services you need to get you to that point.

Still not sure if you’re ready to commit?

No problem; I get it. Your hard-earned cash is a precious commodity and I’m sure there are plenty of other things you need to spend it on . . . like the kids’ braces. (I’ve just arrived home from the orthodontist with Child Number One, and believe me, I know how much those babies cost! 😳)

That’s why we won’t be jumping into this lightly. The application process is in place as much for you as it is for me. When we conduct our initial Zoom interview, I’ll provide you with some preliminary developmental feedback to give you an idea of how I can assist you as your editor and how your manuscript might be improved with my input. Only once you are completely comfortable moving ahead with the mentorship will the arrangement be formalised.

However, if you’re committed and determined to publish the best book you’re capable of producing but know you need professional help to do it, then I urge you to enquire today!

Self-publishing? No problem!

With The Full Monty Mentorship, you get the benefit of taking the traditional route — an editor and publishing professional in your corner!

Enquire about The Full Monty Mentorship today!

Libby is a patient, thorough, and knowledgeable editor. I look forward to her developmental edits the most because she summarizes my characters and plots better than I ever could, and her suggestions are always gold. Those extensive reports help me perfect my stories in subsequent drafts, and her copy edits make those perfected stories even tighter. I learn something new about storytelling with every draft! Without her, my debut novel would have been twice as long and half as exciting—I owe dozens of positive reviews on Goodreads to her. I’m grateful to be able to work with her on future projects, and any writer would be lucky to have her on their team!

Alyson Caraway – Author of Bound to You

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