Perfect Pear’s treatment of my work was thorough and thoughtful. Libby Iriks is a dream to work with! From day one, she understood what I was trying to achieve and provided really helpful and timely feedback. She was careful to ensure my work was as clean and professional as possible while allowing me to maintain my voice. I love having her in my corner!

Eliza Bennetts – Author of Summer at Urchin’s Bluff

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is exactly what I was looking for, if not even more! Introducing the setting and characters are things I feel very shaky about — your feedback has really given me direction in this area. After reading over my work, I knew there was something wrong, I just didn’t know what. Your suggestions are exactly what is missing from it. Your advice is very helpful and you gave it to me in a way that was supportive and made me excited to go back and work on my project. It was not destructive, but still direct. Thank you again. I cannot express how helpful this all is and I think it’s going to help me edit my entire piece of work. You are really good at this!

Miranda Wright – Future author of Lake House

Rania Battany

I had a developmental report done by Libby, which was a thorough 21-page report highlighting the strengths in my manuscript and areas where my manuscript could be improved. It was clear from the report that Libby is experienced and has a deep understanding of editing. She provided specific examples to highlight her points and offered valuable explanations for her reasoning. I truly believe my manuscript has been improved because of her advice. Not only am I more than happy to recommend her services, but I am also happy to continue working with her myself.

Libby also copyedited my second manuscript, which is a book very dear to my heart. I was so happy with the final result. She was thorough, on time and respected my work as the writer. She corrected my grammar, sentence structure, redundant words, amongst other things, and handed me back a polished manuscript. A copyedit is such a vital part of the editing process, and I am so happy to have found someone I trust with something so important.

Rania Battany – Author of Fleeting Moments

Libby is fantastic to work with, a very committed editor with a good eye for detail.

Sarah Hembrow – Publishing Director, Vulpine Press

Libby beta read the first six chapters of my very first attempt at a book. I was very nervous. I wanted honesty but not harsh feedback, and I was really pleased with Libby’s practical and specific advice. First, Libby answered the questions I sent her, and she encouraged me as a new writer to keep trying. She pointed out a specific scene she thought worked well, and I appreciated receiving some positive comments. The advice she gave me for improvement was given in a polite and professional manner. She didn’t just tell me I needed to “show” more, she gave three specific examples of how I could do it. She also gave general advice on how to reveal backstory, and that I should break up blocks of dialogue. Overall, I feel like I have work to do, but I now have a direction to head in, and I do not feel discouraged. Thank you, Libby!

Valerie Ward – Future author of Breeding Babies

As an emerging author, I’ve found Libby’s insight during the developmental editing of my manuscript to be invaluable. She’s dedicated to making each story the best it can be while guiding me to hone my strengths and build on my weaknesses without destroying my confidence. Libby has helped me see how a polished story should work and has encouraged me every step of the way to be a better writer. I love that her edits point out what works as well as what could be improved. I’m looking forward to the writer I will become under her guidance and patience.

Vikki Holstein – Author of Breaking Storm (to be published 2019)