Revision Coaching

Editing, mentoring and coaching as you revise your manuscript.

Available only to clients for whom I’ve completed a Romance Manuscript Assessment.

$200 per 10,000 words

10 days delivery (per 10,000 words)

Ongoing duration at your pace

Targeted mentoring

Developmental editing

Opportunity for resubmission

Line editing guidance

Coaching via email and Zoom

So you’ve received your Romance Manuscript Assessment, and you know where improvements can be made . . . except knowing where to make changes is one thing; executing them is another thing entirely.

Want someone in your corner as you revise? Someone to progressively check the fruits of your labour? Someone who can advise, keep you on track, make further suggestions, and teach you how to improve the quality of your writing?

Well, look no further!

Revision Coaching is a service I offer exclusively to existing clients. If I’ve assessed your manuscript, this is an opportunity for you to work one-on-one with me as you revise.

The process is as follows:

  1. We begin by discussing the suggestions made in the developmental report — those you’d like to implement and the reasons you don’t think others will work.
  2. Together, we formulate a plan for moving forward. Mentoring on specific elements (such as revising characters’ goals, plotting turning points, structuring scenes, etc.) will be offered as needed in the preliminary stages of revision.
  3. You will submit revised portions of your manuscript, approximately 10,000 words at a time. I will developmentally edit each submission, tracking your progress to ensure overall development of the story is on track, as well as collating a list of issues (relating to language use) for you to address during line editing.
  4. Once you receive my developmental notes, you will revise accordingly and can resubmit for further feedback. You then prepare your next submission.
    • Steps 3 and 4 can be repeated as often as you like, for just a portion of the manuscript or until it has been edited in its entirety.
  5. Once the desired portion or entire length of your manuscript has been developmentally edited, I will provide you with the collated list of language-use issues (e.g. common errors in sentence structure, grammar and punctuation, as well as ways to improve the creative and artistic elements of your writing) to guide you as you conduct your own line edits.
  6. Coaching will occur incidentally, via email or Zoom, throughout the mentorship as needed. While ‘mentoring’ consists of guidance and teaching to achieve the desired outcome, ‘coaching’ involves a more personable approach — think pep talks to keep you motivated and/or kicks in the pants to hit deadlines, whichever you’ll respond to best. 😉

Taking up the offer of Revision Coaching means you will have the support you need to undertake the daunting and overwhelming task of revising. Whether you intend to publish independently or traditionally, working one-on-one with a professional editor to improve your manuscript (pre-publication or pre-submission) could make all the difference to your success.

Don’t let your manuscript languish in the proverbial draw; don’t struggle through revisions with no idea if you’re on the right track . . .

Request Revision Coaching today!

Libby is dedicated to making each story the best it can be; she guides me to hone my strengths and build on my weaknesses without destroying my confidence. Libby has encouraged me every step of the way to be a better writer. I love that her edits point out what works as well as what could be improved. I’m looking forward to being the writer I will become under her patience and guidance.

Vikki Holstein – Author of Breaking Storm

I was introduced to Libby when I was looking for an editor and mentor who would give clear, accurate and to-the-point feedback, but who would also deliver what was positive about my writing, the story, and was encouraging in their approach. Libby has helped me shape the structure of my manuscript, enhance its themes and deepen both character and point of view. She has also been very direct about the areas of the manuscript that need more work. I’m hoping to submit my manuscript to an agent, and with Libby’s help, I can put my best draft forward. My manuscript is a much stronger story for Libby’s involvement. I’m enormously grateful to her and would highly recommend the experience of working with her either as an editor or mentor.

Nancy Cunningham – Emerging author

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