Line Editing / Copyediting

Line Edit / Copyedit


Once you are satisfied with the overall structure and development of your manuscript, it will then be ready for line editing or copyediting.

Your manuscript will be marked-up with comments, suggestions, additions and deletions using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. A style sheet will also be provided that tracks your story’s timeline, character, settings, unusual words and memorable quotes.

In a line edit, Libby addresses the following:

  • Paragraph flow and transitions
  • Sentence structure
  • Verbosity and redundancy
  • Awkward phrasing
  • Telling versus showing
  • Dialogue flow and authenticity
  • Consistency of point of view, language, character, plot
  • Word choice
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling
  • Minor developmental issues

In a copyedit, Libby addresses the following:

  • Sentence structure
  • Word redundancy
  • Phrasing
  • Word choice
  • Overall consistency
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling

Turnaround: 2-6 weeks

line editing copyediting


Perfect Pear’s treatment of my work was thorough and thoughtful. Libby Iriks is a dream to work with! From day one she understood what I was trying to achieve and provided really helpful and timely feedback. She was careful to ensure my work was as clean and professional as possible while allowing me to maintain my voice. I love having her in my corner!

Eliza Bennetts – Author of Summer at Urchin’s Bluff

Rania Battany

Libby copyedited my second manuscript, which is a book very dear to my heart. I was so happy with the final result. She was thorough, on time and respected my work as the writer. She corrected my grammar, sentence structure, redundant words, amongst other things, and handed me back a polished manuscript. A copyedit is such a vital part of the editing process, and I am so happy to have found someone I trust with something so important.

Rania Battany – Author of Fleeting Moments