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Launching: Story Doctoring

Part-course, part-mentorship! Work one-on-one with Libby M Iriks and learn how you can improve your manuscript!

Story Doctoring

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve toiled away for months on end, years even, and have finally completed a manuscript. You’ve celebrated and basked in the euphoria that comes with achieving such a feat, and you’ve dreamed about seeing your story published.

But although you’ve written “The End”, you know you are far from finished. You know you have to edit and revise your manuscript, but you’re not sure where to start. What do you cut? What do you keep? And just how are you going to improve your story?

Revising a manuscript can be a daunting and overwhelming challenge for many writers, particularly for those who don’t know where to start. Or perhaps you’ve received feedback and you’ve made changes, but you still feel as if the story isn’t as engaging or as strong as it could be.

If either of these sound like you, it’s probably time to seek outside help. If you haven’t already, you might recruit friends or family members, or even writing buddies, to read your manuscript and provide feedback, but ideally, you should aim to seek feedback from someone with an understanding of story structure and character development more advanced than your own. Why? Because these two elements are the foundation of your story — if they’re weak or poorly constructed, your manuscript will never stand the test of time.

So where do you find these story experts?

Well, at some point, you should set your sights higher than friends and family. Join a writer’s group or critique group and seek feedback there. If you feel you’re not getting the feedback you need, consider getting a manuscript assessment from an expert in your genre. But be sure to do your homework and look for testimonials from anyone offering such a service before handing over your hard-earned cash.

As an editor and a writer, I understand that it can be difficult to know when to seek professional services. It’s a big investment, after all. And that’s why I created Story Doctoring — a part-course, part-mentorship opportunity to help writers identify the developmental and structural elements of their manuscript that most need improvement, and I do so in a way that is cost-effective.

Clients I’ve helped with story development in the past have had this to say:

“I truly believe my manuscript has been improved because of Libby’s advice. I am so happy to have found someone I trust with something so important.”

“Without Libby, my debut novel would have been twice as long and half as exciting — I owe dozens of positive reviews on Goodreads to her.”

“Libby offered practical guidance in the steps I should take to tackle revisions. I found her assessment so helpful that I immediately signed up to work with her one on one.”

Story Doctoring will run throughout 2021 and is delivered through the Romance Writers of Australia.

Are you ready to improve your manuscript! Register now for the chance to work one-on-one with me in Story Doctoring! Visit https://www.trybooking.com/BOBYY.