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Launching: Short Story Masterclass

Work one-on-one with Libby M Iriks and learn how to pen a kick-arse short story!

Short Story Masterclass

Have you ever sat down to write a short story, thinking it’s got to be easier than writing an entire novel, only to produce a lacklustre piece that fails to impact readers in the way you were hoping?

Well, I hear you. We’ve all been there.

But the reason your story may have failed to impress is that storytelling, and short story writing in particular, is an art form. It takes time to master. Short stories might contain less words than a novel, but that doesn’t mean it takes less skill to engage and satisfy the reader.

The good news is that short stories do take less time to write than a novel. So, rather than dedicating months, perhaps years, to writing a novel only to discover something just isn’t working, you can learn your craft and hone your skills by penning short stories.

Writing short stories can help you get a better handle, in a shorter time, on story structure and development, as well as how to create well-rounded character arcs. You’ll also learn how to make every word count—so much so that it’ll become second nature to know when and how to show and tell. In short (pardon the pun!), you’ll learn how to keep your reader hooked and turning pages until the very last word.

Last year, I ran Pen a Kick-arse Short Story in 9 Easy Steps through the Romance Writers of Australia and here’s what participants had to say:

“If you’re thinking about writing stories, Libby’s class is well worth doing. An excellent guide on how to write a short story with excellent supporting documents and videos.”

“Exceptionally well-prepared and delivered short story course. Libby provides all the material you need to make your story sparkle.”

“It was a brilliant course and I would recommend it not just for short-story writing but writing in general, regardless of length.”

This has been a great course. One of my favourite OWLs! Libby’s information and delivery were great, both the videos and the workbooks, and really helped cement the material.”

In 2021 I’ll be running a modified version of the course, giving participants the chance to work one-on-one with me to plan, write, edit, revise and polish a short story. Plus, students will receive targeted feedback on their finished piece, as well as a light proofread, giving them the chance to nail the development and structure of their finished piece. 

So why not take up this unique opportunity to work closely with an editor to develop a story you can be proud of! Register now for your chance to master the art of the short story! Visit