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beta read

Professional Beta Read


If you don’t feel your manuscript is ready for the services of a professional editor, yet you’re not sure how to get it to that point, then a professional beta read is what you need. Relying on free beta readers can lead to disappointment when they are unable to provide the feedback you’re craving, or they decide not to bother reading your work at all. For a small investment, you can get reliable, professional and expert advice that will take your manuscript to the next level.

developmental editing

Manuscript Assessment


manuscript assessment, otherwise known as a developmental, substantive or structural edit, is the first step in the editing process. It is a detailed analysis of your manuscript that focuses on each of the main elements of story writing. Feedback is given on your story’s strengths and weaknesses with specific examples of how the manuscript might be strengthened.

line editing copyediting

Line Edit / Copyedit


A line edit is a heavy line by line edit of your manuscript at the paragraph and sentence level. It focuses on the artistic elements of your writing and the way in which you have used language to tell your story. A copyedit is a light to medium line by line edit of your manuscript at the sentence and word level. It is a more refined stage of editing that focuses on eliminating errors and improving readability.




Proofreading is the final polish of your formatted book before it is published. It is the last opportunity to catch any elusive errors missed during the copyedit or those that are the result of revisions or formatting.