Spicy Bites Short Story Anthology 2019


In this collection of erotic short stories from the Romance Writers of Australia, we are transported to masquerade balls and costume parties, outback towns and moonlit beaches.

The masks we seek to shield ourselves with cannot stop the truth of love, lust and pleasure, and the men and women in these stories give in to their desires with fiery pleasure.

Office trysts, one-night stands that don’t work out as expected, secret crushes, and lovers reunited. Travel to outback Australia, Venice and Egypt. Snowstorms and dust storms, hotels and hospitals. This collection has it all. These eleven stories of passion will entice and excite, whatever your fancy.

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Promise Me, Ben


How long has Ben been friends with Simone?

Three years.

And how long has he secretly been in love with her?

Yep. Three years.

For three agonising years, Ben has hidden his feelings for Simone behind playful flirting, teasing banter and bad jokes. But everything changed when a mutual friend made him promise to reveal how he truly felt. Suddenly, Ben was no longer able to hide behind his cocky façade.

Simone is flattered. But the transition from friends to lovers seems impossible, especially since she struggles to see Ben as anything other than a notorious flirt. So she keeps it playful. After all, teasing each other is what they do best.

When sex and complicated feelings are thrown in the mix, they seem to have found a sure-fire way to kill their friendship. Simone is left to question whether a relationship is worth the risk of losing a friend, and Ben is left waiting—and wondering—if Simone will ever see him as something more.

A spin-off to This is Kaylah, a warm-hearted contemporary romance, Promise Me, Ben can be read as a stand-alone novella.

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Autumn at Blaxland Falls


For Joanna Mendis, Blaxland Falls is full of bad memories and ghosts of the past.

The thought of returning to her hometown makes her feel physically ill, but a job offer she can’t refuse is enough to lure her back. With her teenage daughter Sasha by her side, Jo tries to make a new life in her old home.

Her plight is made somewhat sweeter by the fact that her new boss is a hunky Norwegian billionaire, and her job as a cleaner is set in a beautifully designed boutique hotel.

Blaxland Falls is a stunning town, and work is … interesting, but that doesn’t stop the ghosts of the past from rearing their heads. Her arrival in town makes some people very uncomfortable, and as much as she tries to push her past behind her, Jo soon learns that the darkest secrets always refuse to die.

Coming September 2019.

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summer at urchin's bluff cover

Summer at Urchin’s Bluff


Emma Stapleton’s husband was a good guy. At least, that’s what she’d thought before he dumped their fourteen-year marriage down the toilet. She and her twelve-year-old son are left reeling, and a holiday to the beautiful beachside town of Urchin’s Bluff promises to be an escape for them both.

Emma plans to enjoy the small-town charm, swimming, and spending time with her best friend, Jane. However, a chance meeting with Cole Merchant—local firefighter and chronic bachelor—sets her pulse racing. Too bad Emma’s sworn off men.

While she unwinds in the quaint beachside setting, Emma falls in love with life by the sea … and the locals steal her heart as well. Just when it looks as if everything is about to come together for Emma, disaster comes calling—in more ways than one.

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Fleeting Moments


Maya is floundering. She’s stuck in a dead-end job, is isolated from family and friends, and her father—the only person to ever truly understand her—has been gone four years. When her boyfriend leaves her for another woman, the rocky foundations of Maya’s life crumble to dust, and she sinks even further into the pit of grief and despair.

Until she meets him. Sam. The one with the animated smile and gentle eyes, who always sees the positive no matter how bad the negative. Sam reignites Maya’s passion with his enthusiastic outlook and helps to rebuild her life, piece by piece.

But when ghosts from Maya’s past resurface, her decisions almost destroy the few important relationships she has left, and the happiness she’s so recently found is threatened. She must overcome her demons and decide what matters most—the familiarity of the past, or the hope, love and possibilities of the future.

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Uncle Sam takes a R.E.S.T


The US Army Mad Scientist team executed its 2019 Science Fiction Writing Contest to glean insights about the future fight with a near-peer competitor in 2030. The team received seventy-seven submissions from both within and outside of the Department of Defense. This story was one of four finalists.

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Bound to You by Alyson Caraway — to be published in 2020 by Vulpine Press

Breaking Storm by Vikki Holstein — to be published in 2020 by Vulpine Press

Iron Heart by MC D’alton and Melanie Page — to be published late 2019/early 2020 by Vulpine Press