Nurturing authors. Cultivating stories.

Developing a manuscript from an early draft into a story that’s polished and publishable is a bit like cultivating the perfect pear. A tree will only produce fruit if it is nurtured and tended to as it grows. Its trunk must be strong and sturdy before it can support broad and bountiful branches. Only then can fragrant flowers blossom and be pollinated to yield juicy and delicious fruit.

In the same way, a story will have the best chance of capturing and captivating its audience if it has been crafted, shaped and polished to perfection through the entire editing process. The development of your story is like the trunk of the tree; your beautiful and poetic prose, its branches; and being error-free will ensure it’s as pleasing to the eye as an exquisite flower. Only then will a manuscript become a novel worthy of publication — your perfect pear.

Here, at Perfect Pear Editing and Proofreading, I aim to nurture the authors who choose to work with me. With a background in education and experience in the publishing industry, I have the skills necessary to guide and teach as I help authors cultivate their stories to a publishable standard.

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